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Join the osteopathic care research survey!

European osteopaths and patients are invited to take part in a significant survey shaping future osteopathic care research.

Osteopaths and their patients in the UK and Europe are invited to participate in a pioneering survey aimed at shaping the future of research in osteopathic care.

Led by Dr Paul Vaucher, a distinguished osteopathic researcher and former professor at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, this survey is a collaborative effort between the University College of Osteopathy (UCO), Osteopathy Europe, the Swiss Federation of Osteopaths, NCOR, and COME. The survey questionnaire, crafted in partnership with both practitioners and patients, covers a comprehensive range of topics crucial to the osteopathic profession. It has undergone rigorous testing and improvements, incorporating insights from an oversight committee, patients, and researchers. Notably, the survey has obtained ethical approval from a respected Research Ethical Committee in the UK (UCO REC 05/07/2023).



Participating in this survey offers osteopaths the chance to shape research priorities in osteopathic care. Your insights into core issues will guide future research agendas, aiding the profession in aligning care with your priorities and influencing funding organisations, institutions, and researchers. The user-friendly survey, taking approximately 15 minutes to complete, consists of 25 closed questions primarily focused on rating your interest in various research domains and topics. It is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Participation is anonymous, with no IP addresses or personal data collected, ensuring the data’s exclusive use for research purposes. Your input is pivotal in categorising and comprehending research priorities across various populations, including the general public, practitioners, educators, researchers, and policymakers. Contribute your insights to the future of osteopathic care research by accessing the survey here.

Your participation is instrumental in shaping the profession’s future, so don’t miss this opportunity to make a meaningful impact.