Webinars and Education

Webinars and Education

The Osteopathy Europe Research Committe coordinates several activities in its efforts to educate and disseminate the latest research relevant to osteopathic practice. 


New activities and events are constantly being considered. Please contact us if you have suggestions for research topics or events.




Recent webinars

Person-centred care in osteopathic practice

Exploring the key philosophical concepts that underpin person-centred care and discuss practical strategies for implementing these principles in clinical practice. 

Presented by Dr Jerry Draper-Rodi and Niklas Sinderholm Sposato.

Took watch the recording of this webinar and access the resources please log into the Members Area.


We regularly host live webinars on a range of research topics.

All our webinars are available to watch from the Osteopathy Europe official YouTube page Osteopathy Europe – (EFFO).

NCOR webinars

The National Council for Osteopathic Research provides webinars summarising the latest evidence, you can watch them here.


We are looking to provide new research tutorial sessions – more information coming soon!