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Seeking host countries for 2025 bi-annual meetings – could you host?

In a bid to foster collaboration and exchange of knowledge within our osteopathic community, we are on the lookout for potential host countries to accommodate our 2025 biannual meetings.

As the platform for European osteopaths, these gatherings serve as pivotal events for networking, education, and professional development. Providing a vital forum for practitioners to exchange ideas, discuss best practices, and stay abreast of the latest developments across twenty-five countries.

With meetings scheduled twice a year, the chosen host country will play a crucial role in orchestrating an enriching experience for attendees.

Upon selection, the host country will be tasked with providing suitable accommodations, a venue conducive to productive meetings, and arrangements for engaging in social activities. This presents a unique opportunity for countries to showcase their hospitality, cultural richness, and commitment to the advancement of osteopathy on a global scale.

“This call for host countries underscores our commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation within the osteopathic community,” remarked Hanna Tómasdóttir, President. “We encourage member countries to seize this opportunity to promote your organisation and contribute to the advancement of our profession.”

Interested member countries are invited to submit their expressions of interest by completing the form. The deadline for submission is 1 June.


Spring Conference and Annual General Meeting, 21 – 22 March 

Autumn Conference and General Meeting, 17 – 18 October

The selection process will be conducted with careful consideration of various factors, including logistical feasibility, cultural appeal, and potential for meaningful engagement.

Osteopathy Europe looks forward to partnering with host countries in 2025.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash