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PBRN Workshops

Practitioner based research networks (PBRNs) provide opportunities for institutions to collect field information on practice and clinical data. It is most useful to manage qualitative studies, surveys, epidemiological studies and clinical trials. Setting up and having one’s own PBRN is a strong argument for any research entity to show it can run serious studies with representative on-field data. It is a worthwhile investment for institutions as it increases chances of obtaining grants and running studies working with practitioners and day to day patients who seek care in ambulatory settings. 

COME wishes to support its community by promoting such networks. In collaboration with NCOR and ARCCIM, COME will be hosting a 3 day workshop to help researchers understand how such a network can be set-up to meet specific institutional needs. Experts that have been working with PBRNs will help attendees obtain community support and tearing to understand and set up their own PBRN. 

The first two workshops will be online. These two-hour sessions will take place on May 23 2023 at 9PM CET and on 5 September 2023 at 9PM CET. Both workshops will be run by Amie Steel and Jerry Draper-Rodi. A third four-hour workshop will take place in London alongside the GOsC congress on 19 October 2023 at 1PM GMT. Please note this third session is optional and requires institutional support.  

By the end of all three workshops, attendees should be able to understand key features of PBRNs and their utilities, spot important challenges and ways to overcome them in their own setting and formulate the main requirements they need to set up their own PBRN. The workshop also aims to set up a community to share experience and material and facilitate future international collaborations. 

Attendance to workshops is free of charge. However, traveling costs and accommodation to London should be covered by the attendee’s institution.