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Nordic Osteopathic Congress, 12-13/10-2019 in Göteborg

Nordic Osteopathic Congress, 12-13/10-2019 in Göteborg. For registered osteopaths and osteopathic students.

Helena Backlund Wasling: Neuroscientist from Göteborgs Universitet and Sahlgrenska Akademien and lecturer with a specialized focus on the human brain, the neural and psychological mechanisms for touch and social interactions. She will lecture on the effects of the human touch.

Robert Shaw: Osteopath and PhD in psychotherapy working in Sweden with a special interest in the psychological aspects of osteopathic practice. He will lecture on the effects of trauma and stress assessment in the osteopathic clinical setting.

Hazel Mansfield: Osteopath and lecturer based in Sweden and the UK will lecture on the interoceptive dimension in awareness, pain and beyond giving a review of concepts, applications and roles of interoception and its relevance to osteopathic treatment.

Tobias Sundberg: Researcher from Karolinska Institutet, Sofiahemmet Högskola and University of Technology Sydney as well as physiotherapist and MD, currently conducting a study on evidence based medicine in manual medicine, will report on his findings.

Tom Eirik Bjørkli: Osteopath active in Kristiansand, Norway with a special interest in the psychological aspects of pain management and Acceptance Commitment Theory (ACT).

Hanna Tomasdottir: Osteopath with a Master in Positive Psychology active in Copenhagen, Denmark will lecture on positive communication and its importance to clinical practice.

Gabriela Jones: Registered psychologist and lecturer at Göteborgs Universitet. She is a specialist within Work and Organizational Psychology and will hold a workshop in Compassioned Focus Therapy for clinicians.

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