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New Vice President and members join the Board

We are pleased to announce that Lluís Horta has been appointed as our new Vice President. The Board also has two new Members, Glynis Fox and Robert Grech, who were elected at our Spring Conference and Annual General Meeting in Milan.

Laura Lee Calonius was also re-elected to retain her seat for the next three years.

The newly elected Board Members, Glynis and Robert, will fill the two positions vacated by former Vice President, Jonathan Bailey-Teylectche and Richard Weynen.

On behalf of our Board and the Osteopathy Europe membership, we thank Jonathan and Richard for their hard work, dedication, and contribution during the many years they have served our organisation and its community.

Read more about your new board members below.

Lluís Horta

Glynis Fox

Lluís said: “It is a real honour to be able to contribute to the development of Osteopathy Europe in my new position as Vice President. Our organisation has evolved a lot in recent years and today we are better equipped to promote the recognition, harmonisation and regulation of our profession. Together we can make it happen.”

Glynis said: “It is a privilege to join the Osteopathy Europe Board, I am delighted to be joining such a dynamic team.  I would like to use my leadership skills, knowledge and experience to support the development of our profession at an organisational and international level. The focus I will bring to this role would be to increase collaboration, to bring our professional organisations together and to continue with the development of the current strategy of Osteopathy Europe to the membership organisations and the wider healthcare community.” 

Lluís runs his own clinical practice and lives in Mallorca. He has been a member of Osteopathy Europe since 2020 when he joined their Board.  He is also the Chief Executive of the Spanish Osteopathic Registry and Vice President of the Spanish Federation of Osteopaths. Lluís  worked with the Spanish Olympic Team as an osteopath and collaborated in drafting the European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision.

Glynis is a principal osteopath at her own practice in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is a coach and mentor for new graduates. She is an active member of local and national osteopathic organisations. She has an interest in working in general practice and with people with persistent pain. Her leadership focuses on developing support structures, mentoring and increasing community within osteopathy. She has lectured across the UK and internationally on mentoring and leadership. 

Laura Lee Calonius

Robert Grech

Laura said: “From the very start of my career, I have been involved in and passionate about the politics of both healthcare and my own profession. Reaching our goals in our profession requires enthusiasm, a willingness to devote one’s time and a commitment to the continuous development of the profession and its landscape. I am happy and proud to work for our membership and to be part of our Board to help carry our association further. The way forward for osteopathy is to work together, combining our strengths and knowledge supporting one another.”

Robert said: “Osteopathy Europe’s core values resonate strongly with my own I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with the Board. Like all members in the community of osteopaths, I strongly believe our profession’s potential to continue serving the community and become an undisputed part of the healthcare ecosystem. I strongly believe in fostering strong relationships with other healthcare professions, establishing interprofessional collaborations and continuing our work on establishing high standards of education.”

Laura is a graduate of the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. Working as an osteopath, she is also the President of the Finnish Osteopathic Association and involved with FORE/EFO and Osteopathy Europe since 2017. She is a member of the Metropolia UAS faculty of osteopathy, and head of their Master’s Degree Programme of osteopathy.

Robert is the founder and President of the Malta Association of Osteopaths (MAO). He was the first osteopath to be registered in the country’s national register where the profession is currently regulated. He worked extensively to maintain high standards of patient care within the country and also currently assists the regulator as a sub-committee member for the profession.