The Israeli Register of Osteopaths is our organization
• Main contact person is David Slater DO Chair
• For best communication I suggest that communication also be sent to our
administrator and registrar Ruth Lancet
• We currently have 90 members
• We are not regulated as of yet. It is the prime goal of this administration to
achieve both regulation and to have the one school accredited and approved by
the ministry of education.

All attempts to approach government approval through Members of Parliament
so far have borne no fruit and we are currently looking for other avenues. The
general membership is divided down the middle as far as attaining regulation as
they fear that this will bring limitations to the scope of practice that are unlimited
as of today.

• The public is generally not familiar with osteopathy, however our profession
has been introduced to all public health complimentary government
subsidized clinics (semi public health care). In these clinics we have gained
very positive feedback, are highly regarded and in demand and this
momentum apparently poses a threat to the profession of chiropractic
medicine in the public and private sectors.

• Currently, (to the best of my knowledge) the title Osteopath is not protected in

• Today, anyone can call themselves an Osteopath in Israel, which is why the
IRO is paddling to promote its name in the public eye and our PR committee
is currently using the social media as its main platform for disseminating the
notion that there is a self regulating body that is concerned for the publics
health and well being. The IRO issues a licence to graduates of a five year
(part time programme) whom have successfully passed an external exam
which is overseen by the IRO’s academic council. New comers to Israel are
scrutinized by the registration committee before granting an IRO license.

Our patients can self refer, however some private insurance companies (most
of whom recognize osteopathy) will need proof of registration from the IRO in
order for the patient to be reimbursed. there may be isolated instances when
the insurance company demands a physician referral. our website