The regulation and supervision of quality are in the hands of the Netherlands Register for Osteopathy (NRO). The NRO has been designated by the professional association (NVO) as a quality register for osteopathy in the Netherlands, but has an independent position. The NRO has, among other things, a Registration Committee, Accreditation Committee, Complaints Officer, Board of Supervision and Board of Appeal.

In the Netherlands, osteopathy is not regulated by the government, therefore the title of osteopath is not protected. 
The profession osteopathy is propagated in the Netherlands by the Dutch Association for Osteopathy (NVO). The organizations implement (professional) guidelines for a number of areas. The vision and policy of NVO and NRO are aimed at bringing the osteopathic professional practice to the level recognized by the government. At the moment, hard work is being done to bring the program to EQF 6 (bachelor) level and the aim is to start in September 2019 with an NVAO (ENQA) accredited training osteopathy.
The register currently counts 700 registered osteopaths. Osteopathy in the Netherlands is freely accessible and is (partly) reimbursed by health insurers.
From the end of November Edward Rietbergen is the new chairman.

Contact with the register is via and the link to our website is