Original Name: Društvo osteopatov Slovenije (DOS)
English Name: Slovenian Association of Osteopaths

Members: 3
Date of establishment: 19. 1. 2018

Status of regulation: Under the Healers Act’ only a person with a degree from the Faculty of Medicine can practice osteopathy. However, the law regarding osteopathy in Slovenia is in the process of changing. Likely changes will allow all health professionals recognized by the Republic of Slovenia who also fulfil the »European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision – EN16686« to practise osteopathy.

Public recognition: Osteopathic profession is not recognised by Slovenia. The profession does not officially exist.

Protection of the title: Osteopath is not a protected title in Slovenia

Licence to practise: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia is authorised to award a “licence to practise”.

Referral: Medical doctors cannot officially refer their patients to an osteopath.

Contact E-mail: info@drustvo-osteopatov.si

President: Jure Tušek, D.O., M.Sc (Ost)
Vice-president: Nejc Mikič, D.O., M.Ost

Web-site: www.drustvo-osteopatov.si

Podmilščakova ulica 24
SI-1000 Ljubljana