Balti Osteopaatide Assotsiatsioon  

BOA was founded in 2014 and it is n
on-profit, voluntary association of persons or companies, the purpose or area of activity of which is generating future of osteopathic medicine in Estonia.Promoting scientific interest in learning about osteopathy among its membership, providing help and creating opportunities in the field of specialized observations and research in osteopathy.

BOA has today 11 full members and 9 student members. Student members are natural persons who are studying osteopathic medicine in Osteopathic school in Estonia , build up by BOA.

Baltic Osteopathic Association great the  Exam Council (BOAEN) for practicing osteopaths. BOAEN is a council appointed by the general meeting of BOA to regulate the level of osteopathic medicine in Estonia, in order to protect the public and ensure the high level of service and ethics among osteopaths.

BOA started integration of CEN standard in Estonian Qualification Authority ( EQA). EQA is developing a support structure for occupational qualifications system in order to increase the competitiveness of Estonian employees and promote the development, assessment, recognition and comparison of their occupational competence.

Patient in need of Osteopath, can self refer, we don´t have regulation for that. 

Today is title of osteopath protected with CEN standard and it is approved  by Estonian Standard Committee.

Contact person: 

Member of BOA 

Osteopath D.O.

Kati krill