Working in Europe

Working as an osteopath in Europe

Do you want to explore the opportunities to practice osteopathy in a European country?

Osteopathy is regulated in twelve countries in Europe as an official healthcare profession, where different sets of national laws apply.

In general, the requirements to practise as an osteopath in Europe where the profession is regulated, are either a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree. You can read more about requirements in regulated countries on the Regulation page here.

We also recommend you download the ‘Regulation of the Osteopathic Profession in Europe report‘ also available from our regulation page. It contains key, relevant information regarding regulation.

Some countries have developed extensive sections in English about the national requirements, which you can read about on their respective websites. You can find a list of our membership organisations along with their contact information here.

If you need any further information regarding the regulation surrounding practising osteopathy in certain countries across Europe, you can contact the national association in the respective country.