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3rd Nordic Osteopathic Congress 30 & 31 October, 2021 – Streamed from Helsinki, Finland

In our rather large European community, many forms of collaboration take place. As a show of such activity, the 3rd Nordic Osteopathic Congress took place on the 30 and 31 October virtually, streamed live from Helsinki, Finland. The congress of 2021 was titled ‘Finding and Supporting Heakth 2.0’. Great setting of a TV-studio with amazing technical support guaranteed a fruitful environment for the lecturers to present their inspiring work, situated in their own countries:

Christian Fossum, NO –  On the concept of health in osteopathy today

Oliver Thomson, UK –  Understanding people, practice and osteopathy through theory and research

Monika Ebner, AT –  Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunology (PNEI) meets Osteopathy

Francesco Cerritelli, IT – Interoception’s contribution to health promotion: from theory to practice

Dawn Carnes, UK – Contemporary osteopathy- supporting national future health needs

The event was planned and organized by the Finnish Osteopathic Association in the framework of Nordic Osteopathic Alliance.

Each lecturer was presented and hosted from the TV-studio in Finland by one of the Nordic Presidents or a Board Member of the Finnish association; all with a strong connection to the Osteopathy Europe:

Laura Lee Kamppila – President of the Finnish Osteopathic Association, Board Member of The Osteopathy Europe and Chair of the Communications Committee

Sandra Rinne – Board Member of the Finnish Osteopathic Association, National Representative for the Finnish Osteopathic Association of the Osteopathy Europe

Erik Gry – President of Svenska Osteopatforbund, National Representative for the Swedish Osteopathic Association of the Osteopathy Europe

Hanna Tómasdóttir – President of both Danske Osteopater and the Osteopathy Europe and Chair of The Policy Committee

Tomas Collin – President of Norsk Osteopatforbund, National Representative of the Nordic Osteopathic Association of the Osteopathy Europe and Chair of the Education Committee

The Nordic Osteopathic Congress is an annually rotating event, traveling from a Nordic country to another. In 2018 the first congress took place in Oslo, Norway, followed by Gothenburg, Sweden in 2019. Finland was up in 2020, but had to cancel for obvious reasons. This year it was time to go ahead, and the decision was made to organize the congress on-line from a TV- studio to guarantee the best possible, high-quality congress on-line. Detail was paid to the social events as well, taking place on Zoom during breaks and after the congress, to enable social interaction despite the physical distance.

Next up organizing the Nordic Osteopathic Congress is Danske Osteopater, hosting a live congress in Copenhagen 24.-25.9.2022, in association with the Osteopathy Europe, under the theme: The Future of Manual Therapy -from an Osteopathic Perspective.

Congratulations to the entire international team and the Finnish Osteopathic Association for an amazing event!